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Monday 15 March 2010

Iaido 6th Dan Training Session 10

Session 10 which nicely coincides with 1000 hits on this blog (I have to assure you they weren't all mine). Saturday at Hilary's, I'm finding it a lot easier to get even minor improvements by only focussing on one or two kata per session. Thankfully Hilary wanted everyone to do shohatto today so that's what we all did for about an hour.

I'm finding that focussing on getting my feet under me earlier helps to get the posture right but tends to tip me a little bit too fast before the sword is ready now. I guess I need to be more active with the draw and try to get a little bit more merihari into the movement. I think I now am feeling the need to be filmed and do some detailed analysis of my kata, I'm sure I will see the roadblocks a bit easier if I do some visual critique.

Anyway, I'm re-finding the strength in the lower half of my body again and it's taking a lot of strain out of the upper half. Ochiburi feels more stable but I am still having to work on keeping my belly tucked in a bit and not leaning back.