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Tuesday 8 May 2012

Still going...

It's certainly become a bit of a struggle to keep up with the Shugyo blog, I'm either working, training or writing my other blog (as well as doing other stuff of course).

I have been trying to ensure that I get at least some token practice in at every occasion to do so. I am still giving lots of focus on my koryu but am now getting back to basic seitei training. I am planning to do my 6th dan grading again in Bologne in June, it's going to be an exciting adventure...

I think I am quite stoic about my grading now, I realise that there is quite a lot I can do to influence the result but some aspects may be utterly out of my reach. For those aspects I plan to work a different route.

So what have I achieved of late:

  1. After getting some feedback from Oshita Sensei on the phone I have retuned my Shohatto so that the seme between nukitsuke and furikaburi doesn't die. Initially this has had the effect of shortening my Shohatto but that might not be a bad thing, it now gives me some opportunity to stretch it out again without it becoming unreasonable.
  2. I have been working on my timing of Gyakuto especially with regard to the seme-step-cut episode after having watched my peers do it.
  3. Chudan has generally been given a lot of attention and I am trying to get Iwanami up to the same level as the other katas in this set. I am also using this to move Project Delta on...
  4. I have been doing more work on seated Okuden and especially trying to smarten up Shihogiri.
  5. Seitei-wise, things are generally moving on although I feel the need to work on my Sogiri as that has become quite weak of late, probably due to lack of practice...
Anyway that's it for now.