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Friday 25 March 2011

Iaido Training Session 51 Part B

Ok, had some time to think and now some time to write....

Shohatto: Not feeling too bad providing I don't race. Nukitsuke needs a little more time (and some training) to get the tempo right.
Sato: In contrast to the above feels quite good.
Uto: As above
Atarito: Footwork needs some work.
Inyoshintai: Yokochiburi needs some work.
Ryuto: Not bad for a big guy
Junto: He's dead
Gyakuto: Ok
Seichuto: Ok
Koranto: Ok
Gyakute Inyoshintai: Deflection needs some work
Batto: Better now left hand is working more actively

Yokogumo: No problems although noto needs some change.
Toraissoku: Balance issues on block.
Inazuma: I like!
Ukigumo: Forever work in progress but feeling quite good about it.
Yamaoroshi: Feels like I've been working on it but need to check about tall person's nukitsuke.
Iwanami: Ramping off the kirioroshi seems to work.
Urokogaeshi: Ok
Namigaeshi: Need to work on hip strength.
Takiotoshi: Thrust needs some work.
Nukiuchi: As batto

Kasumi: Getting better
Sunegakoi: Difficult at my height
Shihogiri: Improving speed
Tozume: Responding to training nicely especially with a more diagonal draw.
Towaki: Working on the Ishido Sensei tempo...
Tanashita: Push/pull working better...who's ever gonna do this anyway?
Ryozume: Ok
Torabashiri: Starting to like this one

Yukizure: Ok
Rentatsu: Work in progress on draw.
Somakuri: Work in progress on all
Sodome: Getting more flow'ey
Sodesuregaeshi: Yah, no problem
Mon'iri: Not sure about the flow of this one.
Jinchu: Becoming strangely stable at the mo.
Ukenagashi v1: Not bad
Ukenagashi v2: A bit staid
Ukenagashi v3: Coming on
Ukenagashi v4: Responding to training (especially after this session)

Seitei-wise, I really want to get Kesagiri a bit tidy.

That is all (for now). Don't really have much to write really, having spent the whole session training, everything is still simmering over and not much bubbling to the surface. This weekend might tell me more...