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Monday 10 October 2011

6th Dan Grading

Well, I didn't pass. And neither did anyone from 5th dan to 7th dan, some 23 people approximately in total. It was something of a whitewash.

Just got home so more later. Prepare your sense of humor in the meantime...


  1. Al I can say is that a lot of people will be wondering what went on. So many - 23 - indicates a policy decision. regards.

  2. Hey!
    Same like a year ago in Paris, right?
    I´m waiting for your Story...

  3. …except that in Paris one person actually passed fifth dan (Matti Pajaujis). I'm sorry you didn't pass Andy! I really had my fingers crossed, and you looked great in my eyes.

    Keep in mind that no matter how the grading went, you have still developed you iai a lot this past year or two. All that hard work was not wasted.

  4. Really sorry that your obvious hard work and clearly excellent Iai wasn't enough to get you the pass you deserve. Many of us are waiting with bated breath for something from you in reference to your post on the Kendo world forum, BUT, don't burn any bridges, Andy!